• Principal's Message

Dear Children,

Welcome to Pawar Public School, pune (PPSA), the second school under the Pawar Charitable Trust, Mumbai. At PPSA we are committed to providing a safe and intellectually challenging environment that facilitates and encourages students to become innovative thinkers, creative and individual/group problem solvers, coupled with a sweet dose of spiritual enlightenment so as to prepare the children to thrive and excel in the dynamic and challenging environs of the challenging twenty-first century.

Each student is encouraged to participate wholeheartedly in varied activities so as build a sensitive perspective to his/her outlook. This in turn enables the child to become a responsible world citizen. We encourage the students to exceed their own expectations and surprise themselves with their accomplishments in academics, extracurricular, sports or any other activity of their calling. It is their endeavours and contributions that have built the beautiful school community.

Our teachers too are dedicated to the cause of ‘Together we can’ and encourage the students to avail the opportunities available to them. The children are advised to take calculated and wise-decisions so as to benefit the individual, the group and the community simultaneously. The facilitators encourage the children to dream with their eyes open and prepare them for the uncertainties of the future.

The faculty helps create real-life simulations in class and help the children to find solution to real-life problems, keeping in mind the ultimate goal. State-of-art technology is provided for so as qualitatively increase the learning process. To further, the faculty is also exposed to the latest developments in the field of education through various training and Upgradation programs. This in turn ensures that they too constantly learn, update, upgrade and grow with the dynamic school community.

With this symbiosis of facilitator and learner the PPSH school community seeks to pave the way for a better and brighter future for all. The children communicate more meaningfully and demonstrate their learning through their sensitive comprehension, interpretation and assessment. They are encouraged to be original in their problem solving and examine the various options before embarking on the ‘Road less travelled’ so that they can contribute positively to their individual, parental and community goals.

At the end I would like to thank all those who have helped along this wonderful journey and encouraged us in all our endeavours. I am open to suggestions and my doors will ever be open to all. I am honoured to be in the position I am – the principal facilitator.

Devendra Kumar,